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All Rollem print finishing systems are floor to floor

So you can process each sheet in a job individually in a single pass.

Rollem systems can be configured to be inline, nearline or offline. So we could pick up each print job from your printer and

  • trim
  • guillotine
  • slit
  • semi-slit
  • perforate
  • micro-perforate
  • crease
  • stroke
  • score
  • die cut
  • rotary die cut
  • punch
  • die punch
  • number
  • collate 




in short - finish any combination of the above processes without leaving your Rollem machine

So the days of finishing jobs batch by batch on separate machines – with separate operators for each process – will be history.

With a Rollem finishing system you can print, finish and ship a job in a single operation.

We call it web-to-print-to-delivery.

Today’s customers demand 24-hour turnaround for quality print at rock bottom prices. 

With Rollem you can more than deliver and increase profits.

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