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Improve Accuracy



Adjust a job while it’s running

Printing and finishing is all about variables. We all know that on a humid day paper stretches, so a centre score can move up to 2mm on, for example, a greeting card. Without a Rollem machine the whole job could be run and wasted, losing you valuable time and money. By contrast, with print finishing solutions like Rollem Advantage and Revolution, a single operator can correct the job in situ, adjusting after the first sheet passes through. So you can build on your reputation for accuracy while saving time and money.

Plus, no need for custom tooling

At the moment, do you?

  • 1. Print your job
  • 2. Order a form tool for perforating
  • 3. Guillotine to size
  • 4. Fit your form tool onto a separate perforating machine.
  • 5. Perforate job?

Buy Rollem and the job of perfing shrinks overnight. In fact, it may take you a while to adjust to all the extra time you’ll have…

  • 1. Print your job.
  • 2. Set the rotary perfing and slitting tools on your Rollem machine (a matter of minutes).
  • 3. Complete all your finishing processes in one go.


Time to spare? You could spend it re-setting your Rollem for the next perfing job.

To find out how a Rollem finishing machine can save you money, call us now on +44 (0)1226 745476 and ask for Colin or Stuart or email us.





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