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All Rollem print finishing machines are designed so you can process each sheet in a job individually in a single pass. 

Rollem systems can be configured as inline, nearline or offline.  Run offline, with one of Rollem's premium feeders or go for inline, and you could run each print job directly from your printer in one non-stop pass to finishing and

  • trim
  • guillotine
  • slit
  • semi-slit
  • perforate
  • microperforate
  • die punch
  • number
  • collate

- in short, print and finish an combination of these processes with one operator, one pass, from plain paper to finished job without touching it once!

So the days of finishing jobs batch by batch on separate machines - with separate operators for each process - will be history.


Rollem Processess

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Rollem Applications

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Rollem Products

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