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Raised Print

Struggling to finish your raised print including spot UV or embossed print? 

Your traditional methods of finishing using a guillotine mean that as the clamp grips the paper or card to be cut, it crushes the raised print.

With a 4 micron coating of UV there can be a difference of 0.5mm over 12 cards so over a stack of 150 sheets to be guillotined that would mean a 6.25mm difference in the height of the stack from one side to the other.  This often means the stack can move causing inconsistent placement of the cut and poor cutting as the card frays.

In contrast the Rollem finishing process means that you

  • retain the raised print (spot UV or embossing) as there is no clamp to crush the raised print area
  • achieve a consistent cut in the right place on the sheet without movement in a stack of printed sheets
  • achieve a high quality cut without fraying as the sheets are cut individually

Rollem machines cut and collate without crushing the raised print.

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